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  • Flash photography tips Getting better results from an external flash

    Some tips are always welcome for people who just started in this world of Photography, that is why in this post we’ll see some of the most effective and easy techniques used in flash photography when you choose to use: an external flash unit like the ones mentioned in this article, some useful accessories (diffusers and flash cards), set-ups and more. We’ve also provided some pictures that will help you illustrate the techniques we’re talking about.


    Direct flash

    Direct flashDirect on-camera flash provides the least attractive lighting because it creates an ugly, hard shadow, burns out highlights and flattens the subject.







    Direct off-camera flash

    Direct off-camera flashTaking the flash off-camera and moving it to one side adds a little bit of depth and shrinks the shadow slightly, but the result is still unacceptably poor.







    Diffuse off-camera flash

    Diffuse off-camera flashAdding a diffuser to off-camera flash makes a big difference, visibly reducing the intensity of the shadow and creating softer, more even lighting.







    Non-diffused bounce flash

    Non-diffused bounce flashTilting the flash head up to 60° position and bouncing the flash off the ceiling shows an even bigger improvement than diffused off-camera flash







    Diffused bounce flash

    Diffused bounce flashHere the flash is bounced and diffused creating an extremely soft, diffused effect and even dimmer shadow. However, the eyes look a bit lifeless.







    Diffused bounce card flash

    Diffused bounce card flashHere the flash is bounced with the wide-angle diffusor in place. The bounce card is also used to add a brighter catch light for a more lively result.






    Now is your turn to see how you’ve improved in taking your pictures with these simple flash photography tips that were shared.

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